Keith Graham - 1st Baritone

Keith started playing at the age of 11, his parents used to take him to band concerts in Huddersfield town hall and he hated it, he thought " they look to be having far more fun on the stage than I am" so he decided to start learning an instrument, even though the rest of the family were not musical.
He started with a local village band called Scapegoat Hill (honest) on the euphonium because that was the only spare instrument they had. He played in the junior band then senior band, various school and youth bands and then joined Yorkshire Bus Company Band who, because they got free buses, used to do an average of 10 contests a year and, in the 9 years he was there, they won over 50% of them including the 3rd section finals in London and even did 3 contests in 1 day on 2 different pieces (3rd section at Leicester and sections A and B at Barnsley), gaining two first places and a second place.
Due to work commitments he moved to a couple of less demanding bands but then joined Drighlington where he had 12 very enjoyable and successful years followed by 14 years at Harrogate Band before joining Ripon Band at the end of 2014.
He has had so many good times and highlights in his banding career, far too many to mention, including a walk past part in the film "Brassed Off" (but he never mentions it) but the best thing about it has been all the wonderful people he has, and continues to, meet through banding.